“Hello.  My name is Laura and I am a hand knit designer.”

Okay, I’m totally not.  I am a 40ish stay-at-home-mom with a three-and-three-quarters-year-old daughter and a 12-week-old son.   I live on seven lovely but weed-covered acres in North Idaho that I hope someday to turn into a lushly landscaped garden (well, maybe not ALL seven acres) and grow most of my family’s fruit and veg (if I can keep the stinkbugs and the *^&%ing deer off it).  My house is a mess.  Many, many days it’s all I can do to feed and put clean clothes on my family. My to-do list is — well, it’s long and boring, like everyone else’s.  I’ve been knitting since I was a child and am pretty skilled (she said modestly), but know jack squat about design,  Heck, it was only a few years ago I learned there was more than one way to cast on and bind off.

But I *want* to be a knit designer.  And I think it might be interesting to others who want to too to  (Holy run-on tos, Batman!) see my process from complete design novice to wildly successful multi-jillionaire designer to the stars.  Or possibly to becoming completely demoralized and giving up.  One or the other.


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