My Cheatin’ Heart

I have not been working on the Robot.  We recently finished two rooms in our basement, and I’ve been converting one into a playroom (I’m installing some light fixtures later today, so if I don’t write again you can assume I connected the black wire to to red wire and burned my house down) and working on emptying the final unfinished room of literal floor-to-ceiling, Hoarders-style junk.  I’ve been making various frozen and fermented foods (anyone need a kombucha culture?).  I’ve been putting my garden to bed (*cough* throwing old carpet on it in an übertrashy attempt to suppress some weeds come spring).  I have a suspicion the thing that separates the successful designer from — well, me — is the ability to focus.

I have been knitting, though — making my three-year-old (we call her Badger ’round these internet parts, BTW) some pants/leggings out of some variegated crappy acrylic* that looked a LOT nicer in the skein than as a fabric.  Maybe I’ll start an occasional feature on “Things That Happen When You’re Knitting That Suck” and include variegated yarn pooling on it.  But it’s helping me practice magic loop and I added a cool stretchy rib cast on to my toolbox, so that’s something.  I think I’m going to go window-shopping at my LYS this morning and see if touching the Cascades and Malabrigos restores my mojo.

*You will find my grousing about ‘crappy acrylic’ to be a common theme — I get most of my yarn from Michael’s or out of several giant bins of mystery yarn that I’ve collected mostly from yard sales and thrift shops.  I am far too cheap to buy actual nice yarn, even though I *know* it pays you back in the pleasure of the experience, wearability, etc., etc.  But when I pick up that beautiful, squishy, cheek-rubbable hank of handspun, hand-dyed 100% merino Malabrigo sock yarn and see the $20 price tag, all I can think is “That’s nearly $6 an ounce!  Meth costs less than that!**  And then I put it back.  It’s my dirty secret that I want to be a designer partly for the free yarn.

**I don’t actually know if meth costs less than that, but we’ve been watching a lot of Breaking Bad lately.

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