Gauge Swatch Robot, We’re All Very Busy, and Another New Idea

I’ve been working, I swear.  I’m trying not to let the fact that all I have to show for it is this pathetic pile of nearly identical swatches get me down.

I’ve been busy with other creative outlets — I installed* the lovely foam tile floor you see here in our new playroom, and I whipped up this stuffed monster who has been named Monstery.  Truly whipped up, I might add — he’s sloppy and slapdash,but he also only took about two hours from conception to creation.  I’m always amazed when I sew how fast it is.  Maybe I’m in the wrong handcraft… nah.  You can’t take your sewing machine to the doctor’s waiting room.  Or work on it while you’re watching Breaking Bad.  The Soup, maybe, but not Breaking Bad.

I’m also putting up what garden produce we have that hasn’t been rendered inedible by stinkbugs, deer, moles, voles, or trolls, trying to get my filthy house clean, and parenting a three year old who and 3 month old who’s been teething for a MONTH and has nearly, nearly, nearly cut his first two teeth. The poor little dickens.  So, you know, living life.  It’s going pretty good.  But that robot isn’t even close to finished.

I also also have another new idea — which is actually fairly simple, and in worsted weight.  Maybe even bulky. (Which, I know you don’t know me, but it’s like saying I might do a backflip off the Empire State Building into a glass of water.  I don’t think I’ve ever knit anything with bulky.)  But I’m committing to at least getting an initial prototype of the robot done before I start anything else.

*Installed, as in, I fit together a large puzzle where all the pieces were identical.

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