New Project — First Day of School Ensemble

Work on the Robot continues apace — and by “apace” I mean I’ve been working for four days on a 6-inch square stockinette swatch on US2 needles in a yarn I think I hate.  I did have the idea of stuffing her with foam cubes wrapped in batting rather than polyfil to help her be more square, but maybe that’s a dumb idea.  I just happen to have some cushion foam laying around, so I’ll try it and see what happens.

My drafting skills continue apace, too. Note the third-grade multiplication on display — “don’t forget to carry the two, kids!”

But I’m now consumed by a new project — a dress/leggings/socks ensemble.  Because I was thinking to myself, “this robot has too many moving parts [not literal moving parts; just a lot of fiddly detail].  I am a lady without a lot of time for knitting.  I should think of something easy, in worsted, to design.  Like maybe a very basic dress.”

Which quickly morphed into a very basic dress, with a small largish simple cable lace motif, and an attached ruffled lace-weight petticoat, and matching sock-weight leggings and scrunch socks.  Because in spite of the name of my business*, I am a fiddly-detail, takes-forever pattern lover at heart.

*It’s my name and I love that it’s also a yarn tool, but I fear it sends precisely the wrong message about the type of designs I gravitate to.  I’m thinking of changing it to “Not-Swift Knits”. Or maybe “Swift (Hah) Knits”.

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