Gauge Swatch Robot – Houston, We Have a Cube

Testing out various edgings.

Haven’t been posting, but I have been knitting — see?  I really need to work on my photo composition skills, but you get the idea.

The cube is ~5.5 inches to a side, which I think is too big for her body — a problem with knit cubes is that it’s hard to keep the points pointy and the sides straightish, and the bigger the cube is the less cube-y they want to be.  That’s also why the cube is made of six separate pieces instead of a tube with square ends (well, that and six pieces more closely approximates my inspiration robot).  I’m leaning now toward about a 4-to-4.5 inch body, which should make her about 8-9 inches tall altogether.

I think I have a couple of design conundrums sorted — how and where to attach the arms and legs, what the edging will be.  I have just started working on attaching the head and body together — I have what may be an ingenious idea, or might be ridiculous and unworkable.  We’ll see.

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